Remember last fall’s “Every Press Conference Ever” video from The Kicker (featuring Weird Al Yankovic!), a surprisingly-accurate take on press conferences, the people who attend them and the questions they ask? That team has a new clever video, this time taking on ESPN’s “Around The Horn” (and really, a lot of debate shows) with “Reaction Time, presented by Sports Drink.” Here’s “Every Sports Debate Show Ever”:

As with “Every Press Conference Ever,” the remarkable thing is how accurate these incredibly generic storylines actually are. Just look at the crawl at the bottom, which includes such stories as “Amateur becoming pro,” “Bench player starting,” and “Starter benched.” Or the whole argument about “A lot of good things are happening with the current winning team, but are they as good as the past winning team?”

That, and the reactions to it, sum up everything we’ve heard over the last few months about this year’s Warriors versus the ’96 Bulls. The discussion of the various sports franchise names and their dynasties is fantastic too: “That’s why we haven’t had a dynasty since the Big City Animals!” “Since the Big City Animals? The Regional Colloquialisms were a dynasty! The Southern State Native American References were a dynasty! The Northern Weather Systems dynasty!” Also, “Ex-athlete, member of the sport place of memory” is absolutely spot on.

When it all comes down to it, sports and the way we discuss it is very unoriginal sometimes, and these guys do a good job of pointing that out. This is one debate we can embrace.

[The Kicker on YouTube]

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