The three certainties in life are death, taxes and someone shutting down Darren Rovell on Twitter. At least it seems like that.

Sunday night, it was the Salvation Army’s turn to stick a jab into the ESPN business reporter. After Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott jumped into an oversized Salvation Army toy bucket behind the Cowboys end zone, Salvation Army took that as an opportunity to jump on the viral train and incorporated that into an opportunity to raise money.

Seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I mean, if a viral moment involving my charity was taking place on prime time TV, I would be stupid not to do something connected with that. Apparently Rovell took note and The Salvation Army fired right back.

It would be one thing if Elliott and The Salvation Army sat down beforehand to plan out an elaborate touchdown celebration for the purposes of starting a viral ad campaign in order to raise money for the holidays. Elliott saw the bucket, scored the touchdown and spontaneously had a bit of fun. I would be more offended that the NFL gave Elliott a 15 yard penalty and Elliott himself said he’s expecting a fine from the NFL which he will match to The Salvation Army.

Rovell, being a good sport, had to give credit where credit was due and gave props to The Salvation Army for their response.

Game recognizes game in the Twitter world.

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