On Tuesday night, ESPN will air their first two of many NBA games, a preseason doubleheader featuring the Knicks vs the Rockets and the Clippers vs the Warriors. With the new season comes a new graphics package, emphasizing the players, a red, white, and blue color scheme, and a new NBA on ESPN logo.

First, here’s the new NBA on ESPN logo.


As a comparison, here’s the old NBA on ESPN logo.


Here’s an example of ESPN’s new player comparison graphic for the NBA, with the players taking up a good chunk of the real estate.


And the new graphic for the starting lineups.


A couple more player graphics.



There’s also a new logo for NBA Countdown this season.


Here’s a look at all of the graphics in action.

All in all, it looks pretty slick. As for the actual graphics during the telecast, the only tweak we know is that as of now, the Virtual 3 technology is not expected to return on Saturday nights.

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