We’ve been paying quite a bit of attention to scorebugs recently, those modern-day inventions that inform sports fans what the score of the game they’re watching is at that exact moment in time. Scorebugs have evolved a lot over the years and it seems like the networks make minor cosmetic tweaks and changes every year to try something a little bit different.

ESPN debuted a new NBA scorebug for the 2016-2017 season during the preseason (pictured above) that was so gigantic it seemed to take up half of the screen. The feedback about the new bug was something less than enthusiastic from fans who wanted to see more basketball and less “ESPN NBA TUESDAY” in huge bold letters.

Thankfully, ESPN listened to all of us and debuted a new and improved scorebug last night during more preseason coverage.


Much better, much sleeker, and much less noticeable – an improvement all around. Other improvements include centering the scorebug as well as doing away with the italic fonts that people complained about. Between this and TBS adding a pitch count to their MLB Postseason graphics, it’s been a pretty good couple of weeks for obsessive compulsive sports fans like us who really care about these kinds of things.

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