Another day, another horrible reality series that E! is throwing at us. Because the Kardashians’ nine different shows are apparently not enough, we’re about to get a docu-series featuring the LA Clippers dance team. Via

E! has ordered eight one-hour episodes of original docu-series L.A. Clippers Dance Squad for premiere in early 2016. Produced by Mandalay Sports Media, the series goes behind the scenes of the Clippers’ dance team, chronicling the lives of its rising stars from the hours of auditions and rehearsals to balancing personal lives and relationships.

“The Clippers dance team is an established and popular part of L.A.’s sports story, and we are excited to give our fans an exclusive peek into this high-energy world,” said Jeff Olde, EVP Programming and Development atE! “This series will bring a fascinating and revealing look at this exclusive organization and the glamorous, larger-than-life women who are competing in a very high-stakes game both on and off the court.”

Premiering in March, the show is going to feature absolutely nothing new, because haven’t we seen it ALL at this point? If you want a sneak peak, here it is:

Since I already had to suffer through one horrible episode of Wives and Girlfriends, I probably won’t be tuning into this newest offering.

While I am sure this show will not have anything fresh, E! will probably have no problem finding people interested in a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be on an NBA dance squad. Hopefully they are treated better than NFL cheerleaders and the Orange County Register does not tune-in.


About Reva Friedel

Reva is a staff writer for Awful Announcing and the AP Party. She lives in Orange County and roots for zero California teams.

57 thoughts on “E! to premiere docu-series on LA Clippers dancers

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