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CBS Sports’ Doug Gottlieb might be heading to the coaching ranks. While Gottlieb doesn’t have coaching experience, he was a popular and effective point guard at Oklahoma State from 1997 to 2000. With current Cowboys’ head coach Travis Ford possibly set to be fired over poor performance and attendance, Gottlieb’s name is getting some discussion, and his former coach Eddie Sutton told Bill Haisten of The Tulsa World that he would support hiring Gottlieb:

During a recent interview, it was mentioned to Eddie Sutton that one of his former players — Doug Gottlieb — apparently wants to become Oklahoma State’s next head basketball coach.

If OSU does make a change, Sutton said, he would endorse the hiring of Gottlieb.

“I would. Sean would, too,” Eddie Sutton said, referring to his son Sean Sutton (also a former OSU assistant and head coach).

It is believed that the 40-year-old Gottlieb, currently a college basketball analyst and national radio host for CBS Sports, has a strong interest in coaching the Cowboys. He never before has coached, but is the son of a coach — the late Bob Gottlieb — who was a Sutton assistant at Creighton before taking head-coaching positions at Jacksonville University and Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“Most players who are any good, and if they’ve played in a good coaching situation, they can coach,” Eddie Sutton said. “I would have no problem in supporting (Doug Gottlieb). I think Sean would feel the same way.

 “Doug is smart. I think he would be a great recruiter. If he’s smart enough to get good assistant coaches — guys who feel similar to the way he feels — I think he would be all right.”

Gottlieb has been in the media world since his playing career ended in 2002, first with ESPN and local radio, then with CBS since 2012. So, coaching would be a significant change for him. There does seem to be some buzz building around him, though, and Sutton’s endorsement may help. If he exits the broadcasting world for the coaching one, it will be interesting to see if he dials down the media wars.

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