Long-time Detroit sports media figure Terry Foster is facing some health challenges. The 57-year-old Foster, who had a multi-decade career in print journalism with The Detroit Free Press and then The Detroit News, has been a regular local radio host since the 1990s, and currently co-hosts afternoon show Valenti & Foster on 97.1 The Ticket, announced on Twitter Monday that he’s recovering from a stroke and will be off the air for another month or so:

Foster then discussed his stroke in more detail in a blog post on CBS Local Detroit:

Let me be blunt one more time. I suffered a minor stroke but I am going to fully recover. I can already feel a difference in how I speak and how I type. My fine motor skills are a little messed up in my right hand and I am not ready to throw a pitch from the pitcher’s mound.

But I feel a little better every day.

I am lucky. I am fortunate. This is a wake up call.

And I wear beads on my wrist to remind me to take it easy. So if you know of a place that sells really cool bracelets let me know.

The message is don’t look back and blame myself which I started to do. Depression often sets in but it won’t happen with me. People always ask if I need something. Maybe a hug? It does me a lot of good.

The only focus is today and the next day. My heart, lungs, kidneys and brain are fine. My main arteries in my brain and heart are good to go, but a vessel in my brain, the width of a human hair became sluggish because I allowed my blood pressure to get too high.

Foster goes on to talk about how he “must rebound,” and it seems like he’s in a good state of mind, which will be encouraging to his many loyal listeners. He still has a good sense of humor, too; his illness created stories in both the News and the Free Press, causing him to comment that he felt like a sports figure:

He also thanked fans for their well-wishes, and tried to shift the focus away from himself:


Best of luck to Foster in his recovery.

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