Last week, a report chastised the Baylor football program for its handling of several sexual assaults under coach Art Briles’ watch. Briles lost his job as a result, the school’s athletic director resigned and the Baylor’s president, Kenneth Starr was demoted. But as the nation tries to wrap its proverbial head around this scandal, once again, a local sports radio host decides he can define everything by blaming the victims.

Tom Mazawey of Detroit’s WMGC (Detroit Sports 105.1) went on a rant Friday that first partially blamed a victim. In essence, Mazawey is saying if a woman leaves a bar to go to man’s dormitory or apartment at 2 a.m., she had better be ready to get assaulted.

Detroit Sports Rag partially transcribed what he said:

“Alright, but don’t leave .. don’t leave the bar with a person late at night and you drank and you drank and you are going back to a dorm. Don’t, don’t expect good things to happen. Don’t go back to someone’s dorm when you are drunk and expect something to not happen …. What are they going back to watch TV? If you want to stay out of trouble … don’t do that …. Don’t think that these girls aren’t informed and know what they are talking about prior to doing any of this .. I am just saying don’t leave a bar at 2 in the morning and go home with someone … to a dorm … Don’t expect to play tiddlywinks.”

Mazawey’s co-hosts apparently tried to throw him a rope by steering the conversation into another direction, but apparently he couldn’t help himself:

“All I am saying if don’t put yourself in these situations … I am just saying stay away from it .. stay away from those situations. “

The clip has to be heard to be believed. Here it is in its entirety:

Not all sports radio hosts share this opinion, but as we have seen, it’s almost par for the course for what we have chronicled in the past.

[Detroit Sports Rag]

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