Remember Career Day? The day when everyone’s mom or dad came to school to bore tell everyone about what they did for a living as students secretly (or not-so-secretly) ranked each one to determine who had the coolest parents?

It’s undermining and cruel but then again so is elementary school.

If you’re a parent now, just be glad your kid doesn’t go to the same school as ESPN college football analyst Desmond Howard’s son. Otherwise you’d have to compete with a guy who brings his own Heisman Trophy with him.

Howard won the Heisman Trophy in 1991 playing for the Michigan Wolverines. And you know what, if we won the Heisman, we’d take it with us everywhere we went, too.

Don’t forget to notice the Emmy Award over on Desmond’s right as well. College GameDay, which Howard appears on, just won its third Sports Emmy in a row and sixth overall. Again, we’d take it with us as well.

Poor Victoria Gonzalez, though. She never stood a chance. We still would like to hear about that first resume, though…

[Desmond Howard]

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