Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is about to embark on his final season in Major League Baseball and ESPN will document the entire ride. Monday, ESPN Films announced a new digital documentary series called “David Ortiz: The Last Walk Off,” which will follow Ortiz throughout his extended curtain call.

The series will consist of four short features and one half-hour special “that will focus on Ortiz’s reflections as he walks away from the game he loves.” The specific episodes will be released throughout the 2016 MLB season, though the first feature was shown on Sunday’s 10 a.m. ET SportsCenter and is currently available digitally via ESPN platforms. The final 30-minute special will premiere digitally and on ESPN following the conclusion of Boston’s season.

Gotham Chopra, who directed ESPN Films’ “The Little Master” will helm the project.

“As a Boston native, my 12-year-old self is in disbelief that I am now working with ESPN Films and alongside a Red Sox all-time great. David’s willingness to open up his life on and off the field during this incredibly transitional moment for him, along with ESPN’s continued effort to break new ground in documentary storytelling, is exciting for me. It’s why I love sports and why I think the stories within them transcend just what happens on the field.”

The project is being produced by Big Papi Productions while Ortiz and his marketing agent & manager Alex Radetsky are executive producers, so don’t go into this expecting anything hard-hitting or shocking. This is all about appreciating the career of a modern Red Sox legend as it comes to a conclusion.


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