ESPN’s Darren Rovell is known for his love of Twitter (with or without rules) and for attempting to build his brand there with sometimes ill-conceived tweets, so it’s not surprising that he sometimes gets himself into a little trouble with his tweets. The trouble he created Monday came from a surprising source, though; Twitter’s own trending topics. Those topics can be quite R-rated at times, and one of those snuck into a screenshot Rovell was trying to use to Monday morning to illustrate the value of Stubhub’s jersey deal with the Philadelphia 76ers being the first one announced:

Rovell screenshot 05-16-16

Rovell went on to delete the tweet, but really, he should have just edited the screengrab. If he cut this post off after #1, it would have been just fine. That #2 trend, on the other hand, probably isn’t one particularly endorsed for ESPN employees…

[Darren Rovell]

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