LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY 03: Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones punches at Daniel Comier during the UFC 182 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 3, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jones retained his title by unanimous decision. (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

As UFC’s audience has grown over the years, it has gradually earned more and more legitimacy outside the mixed martial arts world. Fighters began to pop up on magazine covers and sports talk shows, Ronda Rousey became she big she hosted SNL, and the sports was inevitably legalized in New York, after a long campaign.

Well nothing says mainstream credibility like Good Morning America. 

On Wednesday, GMA will feature a parade of MMA stars past and present, as UFC “takes over” the popular morning show, according to a press release.

The episode will feature UFC president Dana White, MMA legend Chuck Liddell, current superstar Jon Bones Jones, bantamweight champion Miesha Tate strawweight participant Paige VanZant (who is currently a contestant on Dancing With the Stars) and more, according to UFC.

UFC has been a legitimate establishment within the sports world for a while, but with big ratings and crossover stars, it seems to be rapidly crossing over into the mainstream. On Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be exposed to the sport for the first time, and whether or not they all like what they see, that’s a huge win for Dana White and crew.

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