The Super Bowl is a week when sports networks try to throw out all the stops and give fans the very best of the best.  It’s a great opportunity to sell sports fans on the network and give them reason to come back throughout the rest of the year.  Unfortunately for FS1, that didn’t happen.  The only ways FS1 made the news last week was for a major controversy thanks to a lapdance from Rob Gronkowski and more inane Colin Cowherd nonsense in his bizarre vendetta against John Wall.

Well, that continued into the late evening after the Super Bowl.  Fox Sports Live anchor Dan O’Toole, whose show is subject of much speculation as to what exactly it will be in the future, unleashed a torrent of tweets that seemed to take issue with some of the budget restraints and cuts at Fox.  He sent a number of tweets to Fox’s @TheBuzzer account, the social enterprise that has seen Fox invest quite a few resources in it in the past year.

Now, this being O’Toole, one can never be quite sure whether or not this is a bit and some kind of set-up for a Canadian comedy thing, especially given the fun he and Jay Onrait had at the expense of fellow co-workers like Mike Francesa in the past… or if these tweets are showing some real venom.  My guess is Option B, because layoffs usually aren’t a laughing matter.

Nevertheless, here the tweets are…

It started with a tweet to TSN’s James Duthie noting that Onrait and O’Toole can’t be at the big game itself.

And he even laughed at a tweeter who suggested Fox would send he and Jay Onrait because the network televises the game next year.

Then he moved on to The Buzzer and aired some major grievances…

So, things seem to be going well behind the scenes at FS1, don’t they?

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