Was there anything more unlikely than a feud between Dan Le Batard and Mike Francesa? New York and Miami are separated by roughly 1,300 miles, and there’s no reason that the two should be on each other’s radar…but of course, distance has never stopped either of these guys from having a go at anyone.

It started with this segment from Le Batard, calling Francesa an “enormous ego-soaked gasbag” for his comments about Rick DiPietro. Le Batard then took more shots at Francesa, and also brought up the infamous “Francesa falls asleep” incident.


Francesa responded, but he didn’t exactly bring the heat, essentially saying Le Batard needed Francesa to answer for a ratings boost.


Well then, that was quite a disappointment. At this point in his career, Francesa doesn’t really need to get involved in a radio war – there’s really nothing that can be gained from it for him. Sure, we’d get some laughs, but I don’t think that’s exactly a strong motivator for Francesa.

[RN’s Funhouse]

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