Sports analysts routinely use analogies to explain and describe how a team is performing to help relate the situation to ones fans may encounter in their everyday life. Sometimes those analogies get really weird and don’t really make much sense, as seen in this example from Colorado Avalanche studio analyst Mark Rycroft.

Rycroft was trying to describe how bad the Avs have been this season, sitting in the basement of the NHL. His analogy of choice? Overcooked salmon.

We can see where Rycroft is trying to go with this (you’re excited about something but soon realize it’s not panning out as expected), but that’s one bizarre analogy to run with. We can only assume Rycroft is recently coming off of an unhappy salmon experience and he’s dealing with that and the lousy Avalanche which results in a confusing description.

Nothing says a losing record like calling the team a rubbery piece of fish.

For the record, overcooked salmon is still probably better than undercooked salmon.

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