INDIANAPOLIS, IN – DECEMBER 06: Evan Spencer #6, Adolphus Washington #92 and the Ohio State Buckeyes celebrate after they defeated the Wisconsin Badgers 59-0 in the Big Ten Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 6, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Next week represents one of the greatest weekends on the sports calendar – college football’s rivalry weekend.

To celebrate the occasion, College GameDay is going to arguably the biggest rivalry game of them all, and definitely the most meaningful game this year when it comes to the College Football Playoff – #2 Ohio State vs #3 Michigan.

But that’s not all. Not only is GameDay visiting Columbus for The Game, the show is going to expand to a Super Bowl like FIVE HOURS, starting at 7 AM ET.

A lot of the students and fans that arrive at GameDay to hold up their signs and get close to the action have to arrive insanely early as it is, so I guess it makes sense to just be on the air anyway! But with the show starting at 7 AM, you’ll probably have an entire insane crowd of Ohio State (and a few Michigan) fans pulling all-nighters before hand. Who knows, Lee Corso might be with them!

Is a five hour college football pregame show a bit much? Maybe, but if there’s any game/weekend that deserves the extra juice, it’s definitely this one. Not only are Ohio State and Michigan playing what amounts to a de facto national quarterfinal, it’s also the ten year anniversary of their legendary #1 vs #2 matchup that came in 2006. We also have the Iron Bowl, Michigan State-Penn State, Clemson-South Carolina, and Colorado-Utah with playoff implications on Saturday.

Maybe most significantly though is what it says that GameDay is doing a super-sized show from a Big Ten venue and Ohio State-Michigan. It was just a couple years ago that everyone was paying close attention to how much time college football’s number one studio show spent talking about and traveling around the SEC. It even got called out by Chris Fowler on the air. But as the balance of power has shifted, well… at least for everyone not named Alabama,…so to has GameDay. And given some of the worries about how ESPN’s investment into the SEC Network might effect their overall coverage, that may be the best sign of all.

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