The YouTube stars of Dude Perfect are taking their talents to TV. Dallas-based friends Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Coby and Cory Cotton have signed a deal with Country Music Television (CMT, which isn’t really all about country music these days) to turn their brand of trick shots, stunts and comedy into a regular show produced by Superjacket productions. Here’s a preview clip of the new show, which also includes guest appearances from Aaron Rodgers and Luke Bryan, via Mashable:

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It’s notable that these guys are already a big deal in the online world. Their YouTube channel has over 9 million subscribers, and they’ve landed guests such as Rodgers and Chris Paul to do trick shots:

They’re also not a one-trick pony, showing off comedy segments such as “Stereotypes”:

Mashable’s Saba Hamedy has more details on the forthcoming show from those involved:

“The show is a natural progression of what we have already been doing on a daily basis,” Toney told Mashable.

Still, Toney said, making the jump to TV is “definitely different.”

“YouTube is high energy, attention grabbing short videos,” he said. “TV is a different mindset. You still want to provide entertaining content, but there’s much more storytelling and background information. It’s a more in-depth look at what we do.”

The show will be part of the network’s Thursday night lineup, beginning on April 14. It comes just before another new CMT show starring YouTube prankster Ed Bassmaster.

“Way beyond the insane trick shots, these guys are truly an All-American brotherhood that turned a passion into an amazing business,” Rob Dyrdek, of Superjacket Productions, said in a statement following news of the show in September.

“This show will give their fans and the world an inside look at their camaraderie and the fun they have behind the viral hits they produce.”

The transition from online videos to TV isn’t easy, but it has been successfully made by some in the sports world, including The Starters, the Men In Blazers, and Katie Nolan. We’ll see if the Dude Perfect guys can follow suit.


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