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Chris Christie’s political career is toast. He was elected governor of New Jersey as a moderate Republican, then sold-out to the right-wing in an attempt to win his party’s nomination for president, alienating voters in his home state. After that failed miserably, he hitched his political future to Donald Trump, in an almost inexplicable act of desperation, and is now widely derided as a pathetic yes-man for a destructive and disgusting fascist. Oh and also, Bridgegate.

Which is where WFAN, New York’s sports radio behemoth, comes in. Christie is an avid fan of the Boomer & Carton Show, frequently calling into the show and occasionally even serving as a fill-in host. Meanwhile, Boomer and Carton’s nemesis Mike Francesa will vacate his job as the king of New York sports-talk radio on December 15, 2017, just four weeks before Christie’s term as governor ends.’s Steve Politi is connecting some dots. Politi on Tuesday published a list of five reasons why it makes sense for Christie to replace Francesa on WFAN. You can read the piece on for details, but here’s the rundown.

1. The “private sector” isn’t for him.

2. He’s confrontational enough.

3. He’s a big enough name.

4. He genuinely loves sports.

5. Sports/politics can mix.


With more than a year before Francesa leaves, WFAN has plenty of time to audition Christie, help him spruce up his sports knowledge and maybe convince him shake that Cowboys fandom. As Politi writes…

Christie isn’t going to see the inside of the White House with the way the Trump campaign has imploded. But who would want to be President when you can replace the Pope?

UPDATE: As Mike Francesa expert @RNs_Funhouse helpfully points out, Francesa has commented before on the possibility of Christie taking his job.



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