Every analyst knows that things you say on the air can come back to haunt you, and that happened to TNT’s Charles Barkley Wednesday night. Four years ago, Barkley talked about how he was planning to learn Spanish in the offseason through the Rosetta Stone software program, so in honor of Thursday’s Cinco de Mayo, Inside The NBA host Ernie Johnson quizzed him on a few Spanish words:

Barkley got “churro” (churro) and “un cerveza por favor” (a beer, please), but missed “guapo” (handsome), “Hola. Como estas? (Hello. How are you?),  “Me voy” (I’m out), “Senor, podria ponerte tu toalla” (Sir, can you please put your towel on?) and others. At least he apologized to Rosetta Stone for his anti-advertisement, and he did land a Donald Trump joke at the beginning: “I’m glad tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo; we’ve got to get it in before Trump puts the wall up.” Still, it looks like he’s better off making jokes in English than trying to learn Spanish.

[SB Nation]

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