Chicago Bulls’ analyst Stacey King has long been known for his loud and passionate calls, but he wasn’t impressed with someone else being loud during Sunday’s game in Milwaukee. After reading a promo for the Bulls’ team store, King commented on-air how unimpressed he was with the woman behind him and her repeated yelling of “Let’s go Bulls!”

Here’s a transcription, from Dave Lozo at Dime:

“This lady behind me is a true fan, I’ll give her that, but she is quite annoying. I mean, she has been yelling in my mic the whole night. She is a true Bulls fan, we love ya, but you might as well give her a headset.”

It’s understandable why King might be annoyed with hearing that all night, but there probably are people who would say the same about him and his homerism and catchphrases, and some might not be thrilled with his criticism of how fans choose to behave. King and play-by-play man Neil Funk did receive a decent grade in our local announcer rankings so he clearly has some fans, but some might not find his own commentary to be much more than “Let’s go Bulls, let’s go!”


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