Pardon the Interruption is one of ESPN’s longest-running shows.  On Monday, before Raptors-Cavs Game 4, ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst appeared as PTI’s guest from Toronto.  He bemoaned his belief that he could not watch Pardon the Interruption in Canada because the country does not get ESPN.

He was immediately proven wrong by Canadians watching him talk on PTI.  Like TSN SportsCentre anchor Kate Beirness.

ESPN owns part of TSN, with the trademark show up north being SportsCentre instead of SportsCenter – that’s where FS1 found Jay and Dan.  So in a way, Canada has their own version of PTI.  Tony Kornheiser even says a personal goodbye TO CANADA at the end of every show!  What, did Windhorst think he was just throwing that out into the vacuum of space?

As we all know, Canadians take these things very, very, very seriously, so Windhorst may have to join Stephen A. Smith in a public apology to the entire country.

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