The fiercely petty, Capulet-and-Montague-like feud between fellow WFAN radio hosts Mike Francesa and Boomer & Carton has heated up this week in a big way.

The escalation began with Francesa’s entertaining goof about Zack Wheeler’s year-old elbow injury, which provided Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton endless fodder to mock the king of New York sports talk.

On Thursday, Boomer and Carton counted how many times Francesa asked whether the Wheeler news “was a new report or an old report” (16 times)…

… then Francesa fired back that Boomer and Carton were just jealous of his superior ratings (though he wouldn’t know because he doesn’t listen to their show) and were being unfair because he had corrected his mistake within 30 seconds…

… which brings us to Friday. Naturally, Boomer & Carton were unwilling to allow that Francesa’s “30 seconds,” might have been more idiomatic than literal and went about counting how much time passed between Francesa’s initial false report and his correction.

Carton announced he would give Francesa some leeway and give Mike credit if he had corrected himself within a minute (an act of graciousness for which he vigorously patted himself on the back) and then whipped out the stop watch in search of a told-you-so.


So yeah, Francesa’s confusion lasted a little longer than 30 second. In fact it lasted longer than three minutes. But you know what, let’s cut Mike a break. The poor guy suffered his worst embarrassment since Al Alburquerque, and he’s trying to save some face by playing it down a little bit. Let him live!

We’ll see if Francesa claps back this afternoon. Boomer & Carton don’t seem inclined to let this one go, so it might be up to Mike to (temporarily) squash the beef.

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