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Sometimes you get a call at an inopportune time. And sometimes you have someone call so many times that you have to pick up just to tell them to go away. And sometimes it gets so dire that a Division I football coach has to take care of this for you.

Boise State coach Bryan Harsin was conducting his post-game press conference following Boise State’s 21-10 victory over Utah State when a reporter’s phone rang on the podium, where it was serving as a recorder.

Harsin noted the phone call, as many coaches have done in the past, and announced a phone call from Susie. The press conference then continued… until Susie called again… and again.

Finally Harsin had no choice but to say hi.

After attempting to silence Susie by texting her that now wasn’t a good time, Harsin picked up and said,

“Hey, Susie, this is Coach Harsin. And the phone is up here on the interview, but I’m going to pass it along here.”

The poor reporter who Susie was trying to reach surely wanted nothing more than to maintain his anonymity, but Harsin totally put him/her on blast. There was no hiding.

Either Susie is gonna get an earful later for calling repeatedly at the wrong time or the reporter she was calling so fervently will catch some flak for being unreachable during what must have been some degree of emergency.

Everyone is probably lucky the whole thing happened after a Boise State win.

Now, to all you reporters out there who leave your phone on a podium to record a press conference, we have two words of advice: Airplane mode.

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