Should we thank Bill Simmons for adding a little bit of sizzle to the slowest week in sports? The Wednesday and Thursday after the MLB All-Star Game, especially, may be the two bleakest, emptiest days on the annual sports calendar.

OK, let’s give a nod to Stephen A. Smith as well, for getting Simmons’ dander up. The star of ESPN’s First Take tweeted this out after Wednesday’s news that the U.S. Court of Appeals would not rehear Tom Brady’s DeflateGate case against the NFL.

That’s our Stephen A.! Bold, brash, use of caps with adjectives. And there are probably plenty of sports fans who agree with this take on the New England Patriots quarterback.

One media personality who took issue with Stephen A.’s assertion, however, is outspoken Patriots fan Bill Simmons. Given the chance to rip an ESPN pundit, the host of HBO’s Any Given Wednesday was not going to turn down such an opportunity. Here’s his response, tweeted Thursday morning.

What is Simmons referring to? Probably the rumor and innuendo Smith passed along on First Take a year ago, in lieu of actual reporting on the matter, saying that he “heard” Brady destroyed his cell phone in order to hide text messages that he sent to the Patriots’ ball boys. When pressed on the matter, Smith admitted that he didn’t know if the story was true and couldn’t confirm the accusation.

Simmons wasn’t the only one taking issue with Stephen A. either. Curt Schilling tweeted out his own response to the opinions about Brady.

Yes, well… At least Simmons went on to explain his gripes with the NFL in the DeflateGate case in subsequent tweets, saying that this had been more about Roger Goodell’s authority, rather than Brady’s culpability in tampering with footballs. Disagree if you will, but he moved on from attacking Stephen A. to his true target.

In the meantime, has anyone asked Ben Affleck what he thinks about Stephen A.’s anti-Tom Brady tweet?

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