Ever since it was announced that Bill Simmons was headed to HBO, there’s been speculation about what form his eventual show would take. Given the lack of long-term success that the network has had with studio-based sports talk and interview shows, many have wondered if Simmons would use the opportunity to veer away from being sports-centric and focus more on pop culture, entertainment or news of the day.

That speculation got a strong boost today with the announcement that Stuart Miller, Jason Ross and Kim Gamble have joined the staff for his upcoming talk show. Miller will serve as executive producer, Ross will be the head writer and Gamble will act as co-executive producer.

They join executive producer Eric Weinberger, who was previously announced as President of the Bill Simmons Media Group.

Miller spent 12 years working for The Daily Show, starting as a field producer and eventually as co-executive producer. He’s also worked with HBO on Will Ferrel’s documentary “Ferrell Takes the Field.”

Ross has won seven primetime Emmys as a writer with The Daily Show and Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. He also previously worked on HBO’s The Brink.

Gamble has a string to TV credits, including Nikki & Sara Live and The Colbert Report. She’s won multiple awards for her work and has written for various outlets, including Simmons’ previous home of Grantland.

While it’s hard to say exactly what this means for the look and feel of Simmons’ show, it does seem as though it’s gearing up for a run as something not unlike the current night-time talk show structure. It remains to be seen how Simmons can perform as the solo host of his own program but a talk show with a sports and pop culture slant could find it’s niche in the overall landscape.


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