Two of the biggest forces in sports media will collide sometime next month as Bill Simmons will join Mongo Nation for one day and co-host Mike Francesa’s “Mike’s On” WFAN show. Simmons made the announcement through his Twitter account:

Last year, Francesa went on Simmons’ podcast and revealed that he had called Simmons to ask him to join his show after Chris “Mad Dog” Russo left WFAN. Next month, listeners will get an opportunity to hear what a Francesa and Simmons combo would sound like for one day.

There’s no word as to when that show will occur, but you can be assured that Simmons will announce it on Twitter and Francesa will do so on his radio show. This will come over a month after Francesa had his trimumphant one-night reunion with Mad Dog.

If last year’s podcast is any indication, there will be many interesting topics broached and with Simmons still on the warpath over his ESPN departure, 5 hours may not be enough for this partnership and another installment may be required in order to get everything covered.

All Francesa may have to do to kick off the show is to say, “So about that Mike & Mike” and that could get Simmons going for an hour alone. This one-time Francesa-Simmons tag-team may be so huge that someone may have to rent a blimp to fly over WFAN’s studios for the entire day.

[Simmons Twitter]

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