Bret Bielema’s online reality show has gotten a promotion to cable television. Earlier this year, the Arkansas head football coach debuted a digital video series titled Being Bret Bielema that followed him around away from the football field and coaching offices, allowing viewers to learn of his year-long love of eggnog, the personality he shows when talking on the phone, and his favorite music.

Created with Arkansas sports talk radio host Bo Mattingly and his production company, Being Bret Bielema debuted in February with five episodes, each of which ran no longer than 10 minutes. But the hope was always that the show would be enough of a hit that a cable network might eventually pick it up. And that’s exactly what’s happened. ESPNU has picked up Bielema’s show and will broadcast four episodes during the month of August.

Here is a trailer for Being Bret Bielema:

The show will premiere Aug. 10 on ESPNU, airing each Wednesday during August at 9 p.m. ET. Moving up to cable also means that viewers will be getting more Bielema. Instead of the eight-to-10-minute run time that each episode received online, Being Bret Bielema will run for 30 minutes each week on ESPNU.

The series, which debuts on Aug. 10, will air a new episode each Wednesday throughout the month of August at 8 p.m. CT. Each episode runs for 30 minutes.

“We’ve been able to capture coach Bielema’s life up close in a very real and personal way,” said Mattingly in an official release. “From his kitchen to taxis and flying around the country, this is an unprecedented behind-the scenes-peek at what it looks like to be Bret Bielema.”

By the way, if you thought we were kidding about Bielema’s love for eggnog and his desire for it to be available year-round, here is a segment from the online series.

Several merchants in Fayetteville were surely willing to accommodate the coach and his love for thick, custard drinks seasoned with nutmeg. How many coffee shops stepped up with eggnog lattes for Bielema? Maybe that will be an entire episode, sponsored by a national dairy provider.


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