It appears Boston sports fans and media have finally driven New York Post sports columnist Bart Hubbuch off Twitter.

Update: After a day away, he’s back:

This all started when Hubbuch tweeted Tuesday morning that it was a “totally not-shocking fact” that new Patriots’ starter Jacoby Brissett was the first black quarterback to start a game in team history, and drew substantial backlash in the process:

Much of the most prominent criticism came from Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan:

Nolan’s show used to have a regular “Delete Your Account” segment, but it’s rare to see anyone actually do that. Hubbuch did eventually delete his Twitter account Tuesday night after all this criticism, though, and many erupted in rejoicing:

WEEI’s Kirk Minihane later tweeted that Hubbuch appears to have changed his number, too:

Minihane then gave out the number for the Post’s sports section, and tweeted his interactions with them:

What’s really interesting is that this particular backlash would motivate Hubbuch to quit Twitter (albeit only briefly in the end). It’s not like criticism from Boston sports fans is a new thing for him, as he had some of the most notable anti-Brady takes on Deflategate (and took exactly as much backlash as you’d expect for that). Maybe he decided it just wasn’t worth it any more? Who knows. This is an exceptionally rare actual deletion of a Twitter account from a media member, though, and it’s definitely notable on that front. We’ve reached out to Hubbuch for comment and will update if he responds.

Thanks to David Stevenson, who initially sent this to AA as a This Week In Hot Takes tip.

Update: This post initially said the Patriots signed Brissett; they drafted him in the third round earlier this year.

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