Earlier this year, February to be exact, Yahoo NBA insider Adrian Wojanarowski reported that the Golden State Warriors were the frontrunners to sign Kevin Durant. Well, four months later, we know the result. There was good reason to believe the story based on Wojo’s track record, but shotly after the story was published, self-proclaimed NBA expert Bill Simmons scoffed at it.

In his podcast, Simmons called the report “one of the most ludicrous stories I’ve ever read,” stating that the Warriors were “not thinking about Durant,” adding that “it’s absurd,” and “I just don’t believe it.” He went on to say it was “the most idiotic logic I’ve ever heard,” and the story got Yahoo’s The Vertical site “some traffic, some attention.”

Joining Simmons on that podcast was one of his favorite guests, Joe House and he chimed in as well, “I don’t believe one word of it, ” that it was “complete conjecture, nonsense talk,” and that it was “silly.”

You can hear them mock Wojo’s report here:

Sure, it’s easy to look back in hindsight, but it goes to show that Simmons is a fan of NBA more than he is an expert. Adrian Wojnarowski is well-known for breaking stories and the proof is in the pudding. Fans know to turn to Wojo when he breaks stories and yes, back in February, it was easy to scoff at the original report, but where there’s smoke in one of his stories, you know there’s definitely going to be a fire.

So perhaps Simmons would be better to leave the reporting to Wojo and he can invite Ben Affleck on his HBO show again to fire off more “F” bombs.

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