We’re not shy about our feelings for Brent Murburger around these parts. Unfortunately though, we don’t really see much of him as ESPN has banished him to channel 611 on my guide for almost all of football season. Luckily though there are a few weeks a year we get to see Musburger and this is one of them as he gets to call a notable opening game tonight, as well as quality game on ESPN on Saturday

Maybe Musburger was thinking about Saturday a little early though as he seemed to lose track of what day it is.

It’s ok Brent. In college, I thought all Thursday nights were Saturdays too and you’ve been calling games on Saturdays for so long, I can see how this could happen. No big deal as I’m still very amenable to being really good gambling and drinking friend with you.

Even with the flub, SportsCenter’s Twitter account tweeted out the majesty of Musburger’s famous “Looking live” call as you can see below. After 8 months of no college football, it does unspeakable things to my body.


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