One of the best things about the Super Bowl is the annual trivia contest put on by sports talk radio host Chris Russo.  And this year’s edition produced what is a Hall of Fame radio rant from the man appropriately named the “Mad Dog.”  Seriously, this might go up there with the “ONE TIME” San Francisco Giants rant as the best (i.e. craziest) from Russo.

It all generated from this question – naming the last Packers offensive line starter introduced in Super Bowl I.

As contestant after contestant either repeated an answer or gave the wrong one, Russo’s blood continued to boil until the moment at around the 2:17 mark when his vascular system somehow escaped his body live on the air.

This rant is made even better by the freedom of satellite radio.  Can you imagine all that we missed out on over the years by Russo being on terrestrial radio?   Also, was that a Fuzzy Zoeller shoutout?  I think it might have been!  No, it wasn’t the former PGA Tour player or Bill Curry or Jerry Kramer… it was Bob Skoronski!  Of course!  You have to love the gumption of the last caller to throw in a Tony Mandarich reference as well.

Thank goodness that caller got the answer right, or else the SiriusXM staff may be scraping the last remains of Russo’s exploded carcass off the studio floor as we speak.

H/T Jimmy Traina

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