For the most part, football coaches wouldn’t seem like a good choice for the subject of a reality TV show. They’re largely preoccupied with the next game and opponent, running practices, watching tape and formulating game plans. And when it comes to talking, coaches typically provide quick sound bites, football jargon and terse, testy responses.

But college football coaches can be different. Though all of the above might still apply, coaching in college often requires an engaging figure who can be charming and entertaining with fans, boosters and recruits. Having a personality can go a long way. Look at how Steve Spurrier and Jim Harbaugh are perceived as national phenomenons as college coaches, but were regarded as odd in the NFL.

One college coach who would seem ideally suited for a show in which cameras follow him around off the field is Arkansas’ Bret Bielema. Radio host Bo Mattingly of Arkansas syndicated radio show Sports Talk with Bo certainly agrees, producing an online digital video series titled Being Bret Bielema.

Here is a trailer for the show, which features Sports Illustrated‘s Andy Staples and USA Today‘s Dan Wolken among those offering testimonials about Bielema.

“I thought people would find it fascinating to see how he is in his everyday life,” Mattingly told Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee. “The more we can show him not coaching football and show more of his personality, his music, his flip flops, his joking, his idiosyncrasies and superstitions, the better. He’s just a unique guy.”

The show is still in production, with plans to roll out the first episode in February. Mattingly plans to produce five installments, each of which will be a five-minute short. But if the show is enough of a hit and people can’t get enough of following Bielema around, it’s possible that Being Bret Bielema could broadcast on a larger platform. Might any cable networks be interested, especially during a time on the sports calendar when less content is available?

A second trailer for the show has also been posted, in which the Razorbacks coach expresses his love for eggnog, proposing year-round availability for the holiday drink. The guess here is that someone will accommodate the coach’s yearning. Running a big-time college football program should get a guy eggnog throughout the year.

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