Kanye West celebrated his 39th birthday on June 8 like anyone else would; by enjoying a nice birthday cake with candles and a “Happy Birthday” serenade from close friends and family. However, unlike the rest of us, West also received gifts and recognition from people he never knew existed on his special day.

One particularly notable tribute to the musician came from the sports desk of NBC affiliate KVOA News 4 in Tucson where anchor Ari Alexander put on his very own Kanye-themed sportscast.

Alexander made 39 references to the rapper, one in honor of each year West has been on this earth. Take a look:

This is actually a pretty impressive broadcast. Unless you are familiar with West’s work, it is unlikely you would realize something is afoot. Alexander delivers the telecast without obtusely forcing the references in. Kanye fans will enjoy being in on the joke, while everyone else gets treated to an abnormally lyrical sportscast.

Themed sportscasts are nothing new. This Nashville anchor honored Prince after the singer’s death in April, an Illinois anchor displayed his love for Game of Thrones, and a Louisville sportscaster once sent up pro wrestling’s greats.

If you love Kanye you are Bound 2 enjoy these Highlights.

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