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Alex Rodriguez mocks Pete Rose’s betting ways on FS1

After Game 1 of the NLCS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs, the FS1 postgame show — set up right outside Wrigley Field — had a topic titled “Don’t bet on it!”, where the analysts make predictions of sorts for the remainder of the series.

Well, when it was Alex Rodriguez’s turn, he just looked at Pete Rose and said, “Pete, I love ya… don’t bet on anything!”

Boom, roasted. A-Rod cracking up right after he unleashed that burn made it even better.

You may have also noticed Rose mentioning A-Rod’s “G5” in his response, and Rose went to that joke again following Game 2 of the series, as he asked Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez if he could tag along on the team charter back to Los Angeles because A-Rod won’t let him on the G5.

Thursday Night Football cuts away to promo of Matt LeBlanc’s new show in the middle of Broncos-Chargers game

This one was really weird, and many folks on Twitter were wondering if this was intentional or not. It would seem like an accident… but maybe CBS just really, really wants you to know about this sure-to-be-terrible Matt LeBlanc show? So much so that they’re throwing a commercial in your face in the middle of Broncos-Chargers game action?

Either a sly move by CBS to promote their (bad) programming, or a major gaffe on the TNF production team.

Vin Scully appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it was obviously outstanding

Vin Scully may be done calling MLB games, but he still brought his legendary play-by-play talents to Jimmy Kimmel Live, and provided some commentary in classic Vin Scully style. This is fantastic:

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