This is our weekly look at the most popular — or in some cases our personal favorite — videos on Clippit over the past week. Clippit is an awesome app that allows us to quickly grab 30-second clips from several live TV broadcasts and share them on social media. 

Fox pretty much misses the winning penalty kick in the MLS Final

So, Fox did not handle the finish to the Toronto-Seattle MLS Final very well. First, they tried to get all fancy with different camera angles and barely caught the winning penalty kick:

And then cut to commercial while in the middle of the on-field celebration and replays:

TNT gives Kevin Garnett a special bleep button, and he still ignores it

Accidentally? On purpose? Either way, former NBA superstar Kevin Garnett let a non-PG word slip on Inside the NBA on Thursday night, and the reaction from the rest of the crew was great:

No, Marv Albert- that is not Mark Zuckerberg next to Scottie Pippen

Marv Albert thought this fan was Mark Zuckeberg at Thursday night’s Bulls-Heat game, but it’s definitely not (can see the resemblance, though):

Someone in the Fox booth burped on-air during the Chargers-Panthers game

Sam Rosen? Brady Quinn? Someone on the production crew? Whatever the case, there’s no doubt this is a burp:

Verne Lundquist calls Army-Navy for his final college football game

Yeah, so I know this is the third straight week I’ve posted Verne Lundquist’s “final” videos, but whatever, he’s the man and we’re going to appreciate him. Saturday’s Army-Navy game was Uncle Verne’s final college football game, and his closing words were terrific. Thanks to Nick Ramos for rounding up all of these clips for the second straight week:

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