This is our weekly look at the most popular — or in some cases our personal favorite — videos on Clippit over the past week. Clippit is an awesome app that allows us to quickly grab 30-second clips from several live TV broadcasts and share them on social media. 

“You may not know this dog, but this is a very good dog.”

ESPN’s Adam Amin is awesome, and he showed an example why with his commentary during Friday night’s UNLV-Boise State game on ESPN2. Amin told us about Boise State’s tee-fetching dog Kohl, who is a seven-year-old black lab, and just an all around very good dog.

I can confirm at least, Adam.

Gus Johnson calls out former CU quarterback Joel Klatt for saying “we” during CU broadcast on FS1

Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt used to play quarterback at Colorado, and he was the analyst for the FS1 broadcast of Colorado-Washington State on Saturday. Well, play-by-play man Gus Johnson called out Klatt for saying “we” during the broadcast, although it seems that Gus may have mistaken “they” for “we”(as our Andrew Bucholtz writes). Either way, it made for an entertaining TV moment:

Dave Pasch keeps talking to “drown out” a fan “that’s just blabbing”

A heckler/complainer was yelling by the ESPN crew during the Grizzlies-Clippers game last Wednesday at Staples Center, and play-by-play man Dave Pasch did his best to talk over the yelling fan.

It didn’t take Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery long to go nuts on a college hoops broadcast

It may only be November, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that after listening to Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery on FS1. We even got an ONIONS already from Raftery:

Zaza Pachulia does funny dance, Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen don’t seem to care for it

Okay, so you probably shouldn’t do dances like this up 28 points, but how can’t you laugh at this?

Math is hard

“As the Blazers trail by 17.”


“Actually a 13-point (Bulls) lead.”


24-9 = 15.

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