If you’re on Twitter and have a good sense of humor, @trillballins is a recommended follow. The Twitter user is frequently changing up themes of his account to mock #brands, #content, and hot #debate topics in sports and pop culture.

And it will frequently drive several confused Twitter users nuts, like when he (intentionally) has an obviously awful ranking, or misspelled name included in a tweet:

Or perhaps you’ll notice @trillballins’ current profile picture, which is of course mocking the bandwagon sports fan. Most of the parody-esque accounts are pretty awful, but @trillballins really executes the intended humor — particularly sports related — quite well.

Well, @trillballins’ latest mission has been to sing Darren Rovell’s boring sports business tweets, set to the tune of ’90s grunge songs. Because why not? Like, these Rovell tweets that Trill gave the Pearl Jam “Yellow Ledbetter” treatment: 

And the Rovell tweets sure sound more interesting in Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge” form:

Or how about some Nirvana (Unplugged), “Lake of Fire”?

And you knew there was going to be some Temple of the Dog “Hunger Strike” mixed in:

I’m excited for the song we’re going to get from Trill if Rovell takes the bait and responds.

UPDATE: And it’s Soundgarden’s “Spoonman”.

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Matt is an editor at The Comeback. He attended Colorado State University, wishes he was Saved by the Bell's Zack Morris, and idolizes Larry David. And loves pizza and dogs because obviously.

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