ESPN college basketball analyst and personality Dick Vitale seems ideally suited for a bobblehead doll. The whole concept of bobbleheads almost seems as if it could have been invented just for him. Sure enough, there have been a few of the collectible dolls made in his likeness during his nearly 40 years in broadcasting.

But Dickie V’s bobblehead game has now been raised, thanks to the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. The organization is releasing a limited edition Vitale bobblehead and in addition to resembling the broadcaster even more closely (and more flatteringly), this one will talk. So not only could you have Dickie V on your desk or shelf staring and bobbling at you, and lending his presence to the room, but if you need a little boost, Vitale’s voice can be heard with the press of a button.

The bobblehead will play three of Dickie V’s signature phrases: “A Diaper Dandy,” “A PTPer,” and “It’s awesome, baby!” What better way to signify the end of a big project at work or the end of the workday? Or just imagine if you let a child get ahold of the bobblehead and you hear those three calls repeatedly until the doll is taken away. (Maybe you’ll want to keep this out of the hands of small children. Although how could they resist a little Dickie V smiling at them?)

Here’s the man himself with his new talking bobblehead:

Wow my new Talking BOBBLEHEAD / all my dollars to @thevfoundation for kids / get @

A video posted by Dick Vitale (@dickiev_espn) on

“I have always enjoyed the passion and excitement that Dick has brought to everything he has done,” Phil Sklar, Co-Founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum said in the official announcement. “It was exciting to create a talking bobblehead which captures Dick’s excitement and that fans can enjoy for years to come.”

As Vitale said, you can purchase the Talking Dick Vitale Bobblehead at his website. You may want to move fast on that click too, since only 1,000 of the limited edition dolls will be made (and individually numbered).

Most importantly, and this is burying the lede, all proceeds from sales for the Talking Dick Vitale Bobblehead will benefit The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Do the math (1,000 dolls priced at $30 apiece), and that’s potentially a nice $30,000 donation going toward a great charity. (Fans can purchase two bobbleheads for $50, if they so choose.)

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