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The MLB on Fox playoff pre- and post-game show has quickly become one of the most unusual and entertaining studio shows out there, with host Kevin Burkhardt doing a great job of directing traffic and analysts Alex Rodriguez, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas doing everything from nerdy film study to insightful hitting analysis to non-stop giggles to backandforths, especially between Rodriguez and Rose. The banter showed up again on several fronts after Game Four Saturday. First, they showed a clip of Rodriguez doing a hardware ad back in his Seattle days, which led to Thomas saying “You look like you were 12 years old,” Rodriguez saying “I was young and I needed some money,” Burkhardt asking “When’s the last time you bought your own refrigerator?,”  Rose asking “What’s your favorite tool, buddy? Do you have a favorite tool?” and A-Rod responding “Yeah, you!”


Then, they showed a clip of Rose in a WWE match, and Rodriguez followed it with “Know what I’ve learned about you, Pete? You’ll do anything for money!”

The banter back and forth between these guys has been one of the highlights of this postseason, and it definitely makes for a more interesting studio show than the average. Chalk this round up for A-Rod, but we’ll see how Rose strikes back.

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