ESPN NFL host Wendi Nix was given the rare chance to editorialize on Sunday morning as she sent a strong message to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday NFL Countdown.  Nix spoke a lot of truth about the photos that Deadspin published from Greg Hardy’s assault case and asked why we needed to see them in the first place as proof of the heinous acts that transpired.

Nix then directed her commentary towards Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the sponsors of the team. She called out sponsors like Miller, AT&T, and American Airlines and flatly said that Jones and the Cowboys endorse domestic violence thanks to their very public support of Hardy.`

Is it no coincidence that some of the strongest commentary from people at ESPN about the NFL come from people who aren’t necessarily paid to give commentary about the NFL? Hopefully this commentary from Nix opens the door to hearing more opinions from more thoughtful people at ESPN outside the echo chamber of former players or debate specialists and talk about clutch genes and DraftKings. Sure, there’s a lot of head shaking and grumbling all across the networks that cover the NFL, but Nix is one of the rare voices that gives light to the fact that someone somewhere should actually do something about it this time.

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