The new E! original series WAGS (Wives and Girlfriend of Sports Stars) must have been born from the mind of someone who wanted to out-trash the Kardashians. When I watched the premiere, I went in with the thought that I would keep track of who was who and who was dating/engaged/married to whom and their compelling and relevant stories (AS IF). But that became a futile effort pretty quickly.

During the episode (which robbed me of an hour of my life, thank you), various WAGS dropped the following quotes:

(When discussing the hierarchy about how wives are the Queen WAGS and listing out everyone else’s rank): “then there’s just hoes.”

“All men cheat.”

“If you don’t want to give it, he’ll go and find it somewhere else.”

“Cheating happens everyday.”

These women seriously do not have one single redeeming quality among them. One says they all aspire to carry a black card. One says if you can’t see your own collar bone, then you’re fat. Someone said someone else’s ring was too small. I will spare you the most horrifying part of the episode in detail, but suffice it to say, one of these WAGS wanted to get her lady biz tweaked for her man.

It was a barrage of forced drama (how insulting to ask if Antonio Gates has retired or not), and contradictions – you can’t be with someone if you don’t trust them but BY THE WAY all men cheat and these WAGS KNOW what goes on when they are not around.  I literally cannot with these people. When I didn’t think anything could get worse and more shallow than the Real Housewives of the Atlanta Kardashians, this show surpassed all of my expectations, in a bad way. Watch at your own risk.

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