Stuart Scott passed away on January 4th, 2015, but that doesn’t mean his fight against cancer is over. The V Foundation for Cancer Research and family members representing Stuart Scott have announced the creation of the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund which will not only continue Scott’s fight against cancer, but it will also assist those who are facing a similar battle as the former sportscaster.

ESPN, the long-time employer of Scott, has seeded the fund with a $100,000 grant. Here’s more from the ESPN announcement:

Initially, V Scholar Grants and Translational Research Grants will be funded. The V Scholar Grants are awarded to young, stellar investigators developing their own independent laboratory research projects. These “rising star” scientists will each receive $200,000 over a two-year period.  Translational Grants, which are three-year and $600,000 commitments, strive to bring the cancer-fighting results found in test tubes to patients more quickly and efficiently. This new fund will support scholars and research dedicated to the untimely death, aggressiveness, therapeutic responsiveness and ultimate outcomes experienced by cancer patients from different ethnic populations. 

“Cancer is more than 100 individual diseases,” said Susan Braun, CEO of The V Foundation. “As research accelerates our knowledge, we recognize how varied each individual cancer is, and how the same type of cancer can vary among different people. Many cancers pose more of a problem in different ethnic groups, and cancer overall affects diverse populations in complex ways. Translational research will target these issues.  We also know that innovation happens with diversity of thought.  Funding V Scholars, the brightest minds in cancer research, through supporting people who are part of disproportionately affected communities, can make research stronger.” 

Braun continued, “The Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund will help fund and identify cancer research and individual researchers that bring the exciting advances in the current research environment to these difficult, real-time cancer tragedies.”

A dedicated friend of The V Foundation, Scott was a strong advocate for cancer research and an inspiration to all.  As a committed participant in the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic and other Foundation events, Scott’s powerful spirit, volunteerism and advocacy helped raise funds and awareness for The V Foundation for more than 20 years. Scott was first diagnosed with cancer in 2007. From that moment, sports fans, his peers and iconic athletes from around the world supported him in his battle. Awarded the ‘Jim Valvano Perseverance Award’ at the 2014 ESPY Awards, Scott epitomized Valvano’s message, “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up!”® While giving his speech at the ESPYS, Stuart added these words that will help thousands in their fight against cancer. “Live and fight like hell and when you get too tired to fight … let someone else fight for you.” 

How will the money be used? Initially, scholar grants and research grants will be funded which aim to bring some of the positive results found in the lab to real patients.

Were you inspired by Scott’s brave fight against cancer? If so, you can make a donation to the fund by visiting

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