When NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus (who doesn’t appear to be on Twitter, but is pictured here) made his comments against NHL players’ playoff beards to The Chicago Tribune, it made life very difficult for the similarly-named Mark Lazerus (pictured above). Lazerus’ job also involves hockey; he’s the Blackhawks’ beat writer for The Chicago Sun-Times.  For the last 24-plus hours, he’s been dealing with Twitter abuse from those who think he’s the NBC Sports chairman. But at least he appears to be taking it well…

Lazerus even decided to change his profile picture to an old one with a beard to confuse those abusing him for his supposed anti-beard stance. It didn’t stop all the attacks, though.

The confusion even permeated Lazerus’ dreams.

Hopefully Twitter users will figure out they’re going after the wrong guy. At least Lazerus has a good sense of humour…

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Andrew Bucholtz has been covering sports media for Awful Announcing since 2012. He is also a staff writer for The Comeback. His previous work includes time at Yahoo! Sports Canada and Black Press.

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