Before he became the most accomplished third stringer in the history of sports, Cardale Jones was known for one thing: an ill-fated tweet that made him the poster child for the broken system of college athletics and the myth of the “student-athlete.”


Jones became one of the rare athletes to actually get suspended for something he tweeted.  At that point Jones could have deactivated his account and faded away into the ether, never to be heard from again.  He could have been just a cautionary tale about the downside of social media.

Instead, Jones is now known for what can be possible when an athlete uses social media to connect with fans in a truly great way.  Jones has shown a fantastic sense of humor and the personality that has made him such a beloved Buckeye, beyond the never-before-seen accomplishments on the football field.  Jones has called his tweet in 2012 a stepping stone to his growth on and off the field.

Cardale Jones’ story is one of the best we’ve seen in sports in a long time.  His social media transformation is a very small fraction of it, but symbolic of the overall journey.  Jones shows that yes, it is possible to overcome a social media mistake that seemingly the entire world sees, even in 2015 where people are too often defined by one 140 character message they would like to take back.

And now, a brief journey through the best and funniest Cardale Jones tweets of 2015…

Let’s start with Jones’ simple message after defeating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl:

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