5) Pete Rose photobombs co-workers

When Fox Sports hired Pete Rose, we had no idea what to expect.  And “Pete Rose Comedic Punchline” was certainly not even in the realm of possibilities.  Here, Rose just randomly decides to lean over into CJ Nitkowski’s airspace, perhaps totally oblivious to the fact that he’s on live TV.  The Fox guys had some fun with it, and we’re only left to ponder if we saw this side of Pete Rose maybe his reality show would still be around.

4) Ray Lewis has more important things to do than live TV

You’re one of the greatest linebackers of all-time given a plum studio job at ESPN. You’re likely paid a very high salary to do this relatively simple job – go on television and talk about football.  So what do you do if you’re Ray Lewis?  You check your phone in the middle of a television broadcast.  What was Ray doing?  Texting?  Tweeting?  Playing Words with Friends?  Or was he keeping up to speed on that burgeoning rap career?

3) Bob Knight goes out with a bang at ESPN

Bob Knight’s ESPN tenure was as forgettable as they come.  Yet, as he slowly faded out of the spotlight, he gave us one lasting memory where the old Coach Knight boiled to the surface.  During the middle of the game, Knight took it upon himself to yell at fans who were blocking his view.  And yes, this is the highlight of Knight’s television career.  At least no nearby furniture was harmed in the process.

2) Bob Costas goes Lord Voldemort on Pedro Strop

“Bob Costas” and “Broadcast Blooper” usually never go together.  Sure, we can all poke the bear with Costas regarding his finding the secret to anti-aging or his essays from on high, but his broadcasting excellence is almost robotic.  That’s why it was so bizarre to hear Costas go on this crazy, random, insane tangent about Cubs pitcher Pedro Strop, suggesting that a poor relief appearance may have offended deceased relatives.  The man points to the sky in some kind of remembrance or religious gesture, and somehow 98 TIME EMMY WINNER Bob Costas blurts out the first thing that comes to mind, which is somehow the belief that Strop’s family will now haunt him for giving up one too many baserunners to the Cardinals.

It’s months later and we’re still all asking ourselves “WHERE THE &%#! DID THAT COME FROM?!?”

1) Fox’s World Series technical difficulties

The worst-case scenario for any network is to have your worst moment when the most people are watching.  That’s exactly what happened to Fox during Game 1 of this year’s World Series.  Fox lost power to their truck and called it a “rare electronics failure” in Kansas City.  It produced an actual delay in the game and the incredibly awkward and uncomfortable moment of Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, and Tom Verducci kicking Matt Vasgersian and John Smoltz out of the MLB International booth.

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