10) Charlie Austin has some kind of anatomy

Perhaps it’s best we don’t comment on this and just move on…

9) Casey Stern gets caught with a hot mic

We’re contractually obligated to have to have at least one accidental swear make the countdown and this year’s honor belongs to TBS’s Casey Stern, who let this m-f drop during the network’s postseason baseball coverage.

8) Hannah Storm has the best stiff-arm in football

Who knew Hannah Storm had a better stiff-arm than Walter Payton?  That poor makeup person came on camera at the wrong time with the wrong SportsCenter anchor.

7) Chris Berman is angry… again

The internet loves nothing more than Angry Chris Berman videos and he delivered this frustrated roll of the eyes not knowing he was on camera at the Pro Bowl.  It reminded us of another classic Berman moment, albeit much more restrained…

Luckily for Berman, we didn’t include the entirety of his annual Monday Night Football debacle with Trent Dilfer.

6) Terrell Suggs runs away from Michele Tafoya?

This may be my personal favorite on the entire list. After a Wild Card game earlier this year in Pittsburgh, Bob Costas said “technical difficulties” prevented an interview with Terrell Suggs of the Ravens.  Over Costas’ shoulder is a Ravens player sprinting away from where the interview may have taken place.  Is that Suggs running away?  Who is that chasing after him?  Did he ever catch him or is this a weird remake of The Fugitive happening before our eyes?


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