In their neverending efforts to corner the college football market, ESPN has added another conference championship game to its slate – come on down, Mountain West Conference!

ESPN’s new deal with the MWC is an expansion of the current contract it had with the conference which allowed it to air every Boise State home game, 16 MWC football games, and 31 men’s basketball games. The MWC didn’t have a championship game until the 2013 season, and both games aired on CBS during 10 PM windows on the first Saturday of December. This year, the game will air at 7:30 ET on ESPN2.

While ESPN doesn’t own the rights to the Big Ten or SEC Championship games, they have the rights to the ACC and Pac-12 (in alternating years) Championships, along with the MAC, C-USA, and this year’s inaugural American Championship.

Sure they don’t have the exclusive rights to the three biggest championship games in the country, but ESPN does have a stable of championships unmatched by any other network, and it just got that much stronger with the addition of the Mountain West.


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