Here’s another one for Stephen A. Smith’s lowlights reel.  ESPN’s professional screamer/debater has had quite the awful history when it comes to controversial comments regarding women and sports.  He was suspended over his unbelievable comments that women provoke domestic violence and has been criticized for his acting as a hype man for Floyd Mayweather, who has an assorted past with violence against women.  He’s also had some not-so-nice things to say to the National Organization for Women.

Now for his latest act, he’s made a horribly out-of-touch joke about women’s soccer players not wanting to mess up their hair.  Listen for Smith’s snide remark during this SportsCenter Top 10 highlight of Norway’s outstanding free kick goal yesterday:

John Anderson: Right over the wall.
Tim Legler: You see the young ladies all turn their head, they didn’t want to catch one in the grill.
Smith: They might not have wanted to mess their hair… they might not wanted to mess their hair… it’s possible.

Stephen A. thought that terrible joke was so good HE HAD TO REPEAT IT TWICE TO MAKE SURE WE ALL HEARD HIM.

And it’s just so funny, and so original, because of course when female athletes competing at the highest level of international competition in the World Cup, their first thought is their hair.  At least that’s what Stephen A. Smith thinks of when he thinks of female athletes.

At this point, I’m fully expecting Stephen A. Smith to go on First Take at some point and debate the merits of women’s suffrage.  At the very least, I see another incredulous Twitter rant and forced apology in Stephen A’s future.

UPDATE: ESPN gave SAS a slap on the wrist for his comments.  This is your reminder that ESPN pays Stephen A. Smith a multi-million dollar contract, enabling him to say such things. The circle of life rolls on:

UPDATE II: Surprisingly, no Twitter rant from SAS this time…. but we did get an extended Twitter apology…

[Video via Business Insider]