If you tuned into SportsCenter on Tuesday, you may have seen something that confused the hell out of you – what seemed to be a a weekly WWE recap segment hosted by Jonathan Coachman, and an in-character interview of Seth Rollins by Coachman.

The Rollins interview was even plugged by the SportsCenter Twitter account.

So…this is a thing now, huh?

It’s a bit strange that ESPN is jumping on the WWE train now – Raw’s ratings are cratering in the face of Monday Night Football and the MLB Playoffs, hitting a new 17-year non-holiday low this Monday two weeks after previously setting that low mark.

Predictably, there’s been negative feedback towards ESPN for promoting WWE – just check out the responses to the two tweets sent out on Tuesday night.

This year, ESPN has been testing the waters in covering WWE – they went all-in with their coverage during the leadup to WrestleMania, a tactic which actually earned them criticism by people who thought viewers could be confused by the coverage.

But what could be a weekly segment on their flagship show? That’s a whole new ballgame, and isn’t just the usual token coverage leading up to a large event.

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