To begin this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the show dove into the sports world to take on the controversy (or non-troversy, if you like) that is occupying way too many headlines right now – Deflategate.

The trio of press conferences by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been discussed, analyzed, and mocked to an absurd degree over the last week, and SNL simply had to jump into the fray and get their shots in as well.

Kenan Thompson did a pretty good Greg Gumbel, and I think Beck Bennett’s Bill Belichick hit the mark. Taran Killiam’s Tom Brady was incredibly annoying, though. Using “assistant equipment co-manager” Dougie Spoons as a scapegoat seems like the kind of thing that will end up happening in real life with this saga, but there’s no way the Patriots would let their chosen scapegoat speak in public.

To be honest, I expected a little more. But then again, considering Belichick’s unreal press conference earlier on Saturday, there’s no way that SNL could have matched that.


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